A New Step

2010/11/24 08:32

Goodness gracious! How long has it been since I last wrote on here exactly?! Too long, right? Don't you guys miss me? Hahahah, I know you guys do, sorry for not updating this. School semester's going to end soon, and it's around Thanksgiving at the moment, okay, no lie, Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!

So, Thanksgiving is an American holiday, I highly doubt the general population could come up with a reason why we celebrate it, but it's rather obvious, I think. We celebrate Thanksgiving to give thanks to those who had put the food on the table and excreta.

So, what to do about Thanksgiving and what types of food are served? What's my favorite and what's yours (based on pictures and descriptions)?

Well, Thanksgiving is usually the day when one of the BIGGEST American football game is played (though that may be incorrect), I never keep up with that though. I know for a fact that the Dallas Cowboys played against someone last Thanksgiving, I even watched this game (yet, I can't remember who they played and if they won or not, sad, I know).

So foods.

In my family, every year, my mom and aunt makes this one sort of soup with beef, carrots, corn, bay leaves, Lima beans, green beans, tomatoes, excreta. It's usually a pre-feast meal that we eat in the early morning. It's amazing with dinner rolls. It's actually quite good, because of the different vegetables used, to soup isn't bland, beef chunks that are cut aren't too hard to chew. The potato bites are soft but firm. The soup base is tomato (which gives the soup the reddish color) and there are actually tomato chucks in there as well.
Soup kind of looks like this (click this link).

Next, we have rolls to accompany the soup. I don't think I have to explain much about rolls, they are just rolls after all and a ton of people know what they look like.

Then we have the classic line-up. Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet peas, gravy (we usually make Turkey gravy), stuffing, green beans (casserole or not), corn, excreta. You guys know the line-up.

But, my mom and I love making a dessert for Thanksgiving inside of store buying a pie or cake, we make them. To be exact, it's a 9 inch cheesecake and a 10 inch pumpkin pie that even diabetics can eat. I think they'll delicious, though you guys wouldn't know.

Well, that turned out a lot shorter than expected...

But, I guess that's fine. I'll possibly write a better blog entry later on, right now, I have to go on a date!! Exciting, right?! I'm just going downtown, but it's the first time I've ever been to the downtown of my city, it could be life changing (or not), so yay~

Zai Jian!

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Music Choice of the Day!

2010/08/19 12:33

I know, I have been really, really, extremely lazy about these, but here goes nothing!

Here's my iTune's first random choice pick of the day! It just so happens to be Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D conducted in 1968 by another composer! Some of you may know this piece, it's so light and fluffy sounding, makes you, almost, want to go outside into the afternoon sun and drink tea. Well, that's what me makes me feel like doing at least.

*As a reminder: just as a heads up for those interested in hearing this music choice, classical music happens to play quieter than songs that you hear on the radio. So, if you're interested in hearing this, please turn up your speakers/volume.


This was an unexpected second iTunes random choice pick of music, but it was next on the shuffle, so here goes! The second pick, from iTunes random pick, is Your Name by SHINee! WOOOO~ It's from their new (second studio) album LUCIFER! I haven't actually listened to SHINee in quite a bit because of a different boy band craze, but I don't think this song sounds bad. It's upbeat and can be pretty trendy. Give it a listen you guys!


So give these a listen and tell me how you guys like them (or not), I'll hear either!

*My music not really pleasuring your music taste buds? Well, hang tight till a music choice of your liking appears, I have a pretty wide (and somewhat odd) range of music, so if I haven't come across yours yet, then more of a chance yours will come next!*

Want more iTunes music choice picks per post because you want more music?
Well, just drop me a message and I'll be sure to change that!


Zai jian!
Au revoir!

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ANGER!!!! Bubble Tea Cafe! WPM!

2010/08/16 09:52

ANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAWRRRRRR!!!!!
Seriously! I'm so pissed off! I just wrote my ENTIRE entry! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Then something glitched in this FC2 system! AHHHHH! I was okay because I thought if I go back to entries and click on my most recent draft it'll bring it back, BUT NOOOOOOOO! It didn't! SO! I have to REWRITE the whole entry! AHHHHHHHH!


What?! Who has a job that they're really excited about!? What!? It seems that the really excited person is me?! WOW, then you are C-O-R-R-E-C-T!

If you guessed me, then man, either you're finally deciding to use both sides of your brain, or just figured common sense lead to that. ANYWAYS! My dad finally agreed to allow us (his children) have jobs during the school year! YAY~ I'm actually ecstatic! I've never had a job that I could call LEGIT! I finally have a REAL LEGIT job that I could use a reference, a LEGIT REFERENCE on an application for another job! Makes me cry tears of joy and all the other emotions that make someone sound really joyous when said!

My job (that's during the school year on Fridays and Saturdays) happens to be a bubble tea/smoothie/sweets maker/dealer! WOOOOOOO~ I stand behind the counter at a really cutely done-up cafe and serve those hungry, weary, travelers that have a thirst for bubble tea and other wondrous creations! I don't have any special uniform, but it's still pretty neat, and since NO GUYS work there, I can wear a skirt (I think)!


Did I just hear right?!?!?!?! Seriously?! Never had a taste or knowing of bubble tea until just now?! You ask, "What is it?! How can you keep talking about it and not tell your loyal readers!" My response would be, "TRAVELER! DON'T FRET! I WILL TELL YOU ALL!".
Bubble tea is a drink, not just any drink and NOT just tea either! Curious about its appearance? Well...I wonder hate for it to cause suspense, so below you will find two images of bubble tea.


Now you guys must all be thinking, "What's with THE MINI BLACK BALLS! ARGH! They FRIGHTEN ME, NO WAY am I drinking that stuff now!" Then you wait a moment for my easy simple reply! "[TITTER] Don't fret frightened traveler! Those are but small tapioca balls!" Seriously, they are just tapioca balls, don't run because you are afraid of this foreign food called "tapioca". They are quite good and adds a bit of texture to your drink! Anyhow, the picture above is what is most likely found at a cafe, but the one below are a type that would be put in a restaurant. I don't meant the flavors, just in case you were confused, I meant the holding containers. Glasses compared to plastic to-go cups.


What still frighten dear traveler?! WELL! Don't be! They don't only come served with tea! The bubble teas come in all sorts of flavors! Strawberry-banana, honey dew, cantaloupe, watermelon, Thai tea, peach, coffee, cappuccino, and these other flavors! My personal favor has to be mocha! It's yummilicious! Guys, I know, that word isn't real, but deal.


Now, you guys that aren't exactly technologically savvy must be wondering, "What in the world does WPM mean?!" Well, little ones, don't worry, I WOULD BE DELIGHTED TO ENLIGHTEN THEE!

WPM means words per minute. It's a term to calculate the typing speed of a person. It tells you how many words (on average) you managed to type within a minute (60 seconds).

Oh, now you're curious as to what your WPM is? Are you really that curious? Well, I know that I would be, so I'll provide a link to those who are dying to know your own.
Please click here to get started. I set it so the link will open in a new window, so don't worry, you'll still be able to read the rest of the blog entry.

Want to give a guess what my WPM is? It's not that great, so don't laugh to hard.

57 WPM.

Well, that's the WPM I got when I just tried it. The best I've ever gotten (that I can remember) is 61 WPM.

Post your results as well! I'd like to know if others type just as I do!

UPDATE: I just tried my hand at the WPM test once again and got a stellar 65 WPM!


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I Wish that Airplanes in the Night Sky Were Like Shooting Stars

2010/07/13 10:18

Does anyone know that B.O.B song? I liked it, well, the chorus is really the only thing I can remember, the rapping is clear and all, but I can't sing that over and over again. Anyways, besides that, I think my MASSIVE sunburn is finally starting to peel off. I feel like a disgusting snake. Really gross. I've never seen so much of my own skin come off in mass quantities before. Well, it's not really peeling like gigantic layers or anything, just a lot.

I'm really excited! TODAY, I get to make pasta. Okay, I'm excited, but not because I get to make pasta per se, but I get to make it for the family, never gotten a chance to do that on my own before. Usually, it's with my older brother, of one year, and it's fun and usually bigger meals if it's the two of us together. Anyways, it'll have beef and tomato sauce with elbows, not the normal pasta.

I have a history test this weekend, AND I know I have to study and review for it, but it's an old (and terrible) habit of mine to wait till the day of to study and review all the information. I'm hoping history doesn't repeat itself and I fail the first test (I only failed by TWO points, which is ONE multiple choice question!). OH WELL. REMIND ME TO REVIEW BEFORE SATURDAY PLEASE! D=

Ah, if I think about it, I think I'm too shallow. BUT really, I can't really help it, it's part of human nature to judge by appearance first, because that's really what we do first. Seeing things. I judge guys by looks, I'm terrible for actually saying it, but I did. Oh well, I can't really help myself there, it's part of who I am. I still make friends even if they aren't appealing to myself, usually they are fun people anyways. Besides, my tastes and other's tastes aren't the same (not all the time at least) or else the world would be a sad under populated place. ;)

So, I haven't had breakfast yet, and it's...eleven o' clock...11:25 actually. I guess I'll be having brunch (a combination of breakfast and lunch) instead? ALTHOUGH, I've been awake since around late nine o' clock, 9:38 to be precise. Whatever, it's fine, I think I'll go grab a bowl of cereal.

Ciaossu, yo!

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So Many Little Wonders

2010/06/27 15:40

When my dad's driving me home from class, I sit in silence while watching each passing object. They all look like blurs when the car's going by. I sit there with my dad in the driver's seat, the music turned up just enough so we don't have to speak, the car going fast enough to make the trip back home short. I sit there and I found an old memory.

When I was around six years old, my mom had woken me up and pulled back the curtains. I saw a clear crisp morning sky. Not a cloud in site, I asked if that's what she woke me up to see. She grinned and said, "Just a little longer" and I saw it. It was marvelous. Hot air balloons came in a swarm of color and sizes. Rainbow swirls, crimson, olive green, baby blue, and many many others. They gracefully floated from one end of the large panel window to the other.


So I only have one more class next Saturday and I'm through with APUSH I, but I have to take APUSH II the weekend right after. OH WELL! Uruguay is advancing! They beat Korea 2:1! WOO!~ Japan's advancing also! I have no idea when their next game's going to be. And that's just too bad for Italia, I was rooting for them, just rooting for Uruguay and Japan more. ANYWAYS! How exciting!


Started a NEW drama! Well there's already (roughly) ten episodes out, but I'm only on episode two, and I ADORE IT! SO FUNNY! My sister gets annoyed because she's watching the television and I just randomly burst out in laughter! Well, it's only random to her. OH, it's a dorama so you know, it's pretty good.

Ciao for now.

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